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Scotty Fishing Gear

Scotty   Downrigger Products
In 1952 Blayney Scott started a small company in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada that pioneered the use of plastics in the manufacturing of salmon fishing lures and other marine products. From humble beginnings, Scott Plastics Ltd. has evolved to produce thousands of products under the Scotty Trademark which are sold into the fishing, marine, outdoor and firefighting industries worldwide. In this time the Scotty trademark has become recognized to mean one thing product excellence.

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Rod holders, snap releases, monting brackets and more
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Security for your Downriggers
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Rod holders
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Release clips, snap releases and Power Grips
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12V ConnectPro Downrigger Plug & Receptacle
Rugged Marine-Grade Corrosion Resistant Design

Price: Can$ 44.79 / Each
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Scotty Depthpower Chassis Locking System
Protect your downrigger investment with a chassis locking sy...

Price: Can$ 39.00 / each
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